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Need an extra set of hands to click away on your corporate keyboard?  Or looking for an instructor for your school’s PD day?

Bringing me aboard as a freelancer means you save money–no benefits, no vacation time, no extra salary to pay.  Instead, we’ll negotiate an hourly or per project rate in exchange for a no-hassles solution to your company’s needs.  Sound good?  Hire me!  

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“Although educators are joining social networks, they express a need for guidance, training, and professional development.”

A Survey of K-12 Educators on Social Networking and Content-Sharing Tools*

As with many things in life, fear and uncertainly seem to crowd around the call to embrace new technology and social media. Yet as educators preparing students to thrive in the world of tomorrow, we acknowledge that it is indeed a disservice to fail in our attempts to speak the language of this generation; to fail to meet them on their “digital playground.” {1}

If you’ve been considering opening the doors to social media and find yourself tripping in the details and questions, I can help. As a former teacher with years of experience writing, blogging, and using Facebook/Twitter, I’m able to relate to your staff while easing them toward new goals. Together we’ll smooth out the wrinkles and present social media as the practical tool your students already know it to be.

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{1} term used by Mr. Kevin Honeycutt

*2009, MCH Strategic Data, MMS Education |