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As a former teacher and lifelong learner, speaking and teaching are things I enjoy doing — and strive to do well. My style is  to share actionable ideas for growth, to create an interactive setting rich with discussion, and to inspire guests to strive for excellence.

MOPS group, Jane Graham, Girl Meets Paper, The Unofficial HomeschoolerIf you’re looking for a fresh voice to speak at your next Bible Study, Mom’s Group, school or church event, I’m available to discuss the following topics:

  • intentional parenting
  • practical ways to incorporate education in everyday settings
  • making the most of teachable moments
  • spiritual formation in children
  • finding inspiration in Scripture
  • learning from Biblical characters
  • for more details, see my other website HERE

If you’re looking for practical teaching on social media and blogging for your school’s next professional development day, please click my Girl Meets Paper Media page HERE.

I offer teaching tracts ranging from breakout sessions at conferences, to on-going professional development, to continual contract work.