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photo of a young mom holding her sleeping child

My sister is a mama full of new life beneath her heart.

Standing behind her masks the weeks and months that have swiftly passed, disguising the truth and tricking the eye.

Instead, it is her profile that gives away the fullness of time inching closer. With blonde ponytail swaying, she works quietly in the kitchen and counts the days until healthy screams pour from infant lungs and she is a mother for the fifth time.

And in that moment, she will scoop up her son, the newest member in a band of brothers that will adore him. He will tuck his legs close to his own new, pink flesh and become a small sack of sugar against her chest. His sister will swoon and the dog will pout his brown eyes and thump his tail on the floor to herald his arrival. Daddy will wipe happy tears and kiss his wife and crown his son as the joy of summer.

That’s what happens when the young are carried close to the heart. 

I love the image of Christ as a gentle parent: not only because it’s a comfort to my own children, but because it’s a comfort to me

That He would be watchful and would lead me.

He tends to us and does not leave us alone. He gathers us in his arms when we feel vulnerable. He carries us when we are weak and most need his love and comfort.

Jesus is the shepherd that, like a mother, gathers and protects His own.

And as His child, I’m invited to snuggle up next to His heart and experience the peace that comes from His presence.

What an amazing, unimaginable, humbling thought: that the creator of the universe, who by the power of his word created all things, is gentle enough to care for me and hold me in his arms.

Oh that I would live today knowing that God’s heartbeat is right next to my own — that I would live a life gripped in his love and held captive by his grace.

And may you go into today knowing the same.