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A few nights ago I lay in bed staring at the dark and trying to ignore the hunger twisting my belly.

Rewinding the tapes, I played them over mentally, taking inventory of everything I’d eaten and scolding myself for not going to bed before the thought of snacks collided with my frail willpower. Feeling certain that I hadn’t eaten in several hours, I bolted upright at the thought of a bowl of Corn Flakes.

But then, I remembered.

I remembered that generous 10:30 pm bowl of ice cream drizzled with Hershey’s and lovingly smashed and churned into the consistency of a Wendy’s Frosty while my legs hid, folded in fleece beneath me on the sofa. My spoon wound its way through the delicious confection and I licked it clean while watching Austin Scarlet stitch his way into the Finale on Project Runway All-Stars.

Guess the cereal’s out, I reasoned with myself.

I lay there fairly ashamed. Not because I had eaten the ice cream–a girl needs her calcium, after all. But because I had completely forgotten it.

How is it we are blessed by sweetness and are so quick to forget it?

I’m not just talking about the big things–the promotion, the new home, the car that doesn’t break down. I’m talking about the small moments that make life sparkle; the ones that give texture to something otherwise flat and…polyester.

The feeling of a child’s smooth hand in your own. Sweetness.

The weight of longed-for sun warming your face on Sunday afternoon. Sweetness.

The canopy of friendship as you sit in grief or in joy. Sweetness, both.

Today as you move through the hours that write your story, take note of the quiet whispers pointing you to beauty and sweetness.

Take note of the delicious gifts that you’re being given today.

And be grateful.

Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”


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