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Monday-Morning-Meditation, GIrl Meets Paper, Jane GrahamEach Monday this community of faith seeks to encourage one another to get in the Word, to reflect on it, and to apply it to our lives.

Then, by linking up, we have the awesome opportunity to teach, inspire, and encourage others on their faith walk while we grow in our own.

Would you honor us with your presence around the table today? Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Make sure that your blog post or comment is relevant to today’s Scripture passage.
  2. Write a post on your own blog that incorporates a story or your thoughts about this verse and its application in your own life. -OR-
  3. Post a photo that captures the essence of this verse.
  4. Once you’ve linked up you must visit the person ahead of you in the list! Let’s be encouragers!

You can also leave a comment with your reflections if you don’t have a blog to link up!



photo of a girl jumping in the waves

There I was, sitting in her kitchen noisily slurping every last drop of Coke that could possibly be clinging to the sides of my ice cubes. 

And there she was, mixing her ground-from-fresh-non-GMO-wheat flour into the trusty Kitchen-Aid mixer.

The metal arm, quiet and obedient, churned and massaged the dough until it sprung to life in the bowl. With a quick glance at the splotched recipe printout, she dusted the countertop with a veil of cornmeal, and turning out the dough onto the prepared surface, worked the mass until it was smooth.

The smell of warm yeast and cinnamon was intoxicating, and I started thinking that I must be some sort of failure for not ever even contemplating making homemade English muffins.

I mean — I didn’t even know it was a “thing” — like, even possible.

There was no denying it: I was a lowly, Coke-slurping, store-bought-bread … girl.


Searching for (and Finding) Freedom

Thankfully, (insert trumpet blast!) the Bible tells a different story!

What I love about today’s verse is that we have freedom in Christ to walk a seldom-traveled path, turn left at the fork in the road, and follow the unique calling we believe God has laid on our hearts and lives.

Even, and especially, when it does not fit in with the norms and expectations of our neighbor.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is…”

Because the Spirit of the Lord has already been given to me, I know that he resides within me. I know that he is my counselor, comforter, friend. He prays on my behalf. He moves, directs, guides.

And the way he moves, directs, and guides me may be very different from the way he moves, directs, and guides you.

So freedom in Christ takes on new meaning. It is:

  • Freedom from unrealistic ideals.
  • Freedom from judgement at the hands of the bathroom scale
  • Freedom from “needing” the trendy wardrobe to measure up
  • Freedom from showing off the “perfect” kids
  • Freedom from the opinions of others
  • Freedom from the priorities of this world.
This radical kind of freedom means that I answer only to One: the God who calls me his own.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is…” there is fresh-baked bread and store-bought bread. There are homeschoolers and public-schoolers. There are working moms and stay-at-home moms. There are Evangelicals and Catholics.

There is You.

There is Me.

What does this kind of freedom mean to you?