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Jesus is not dead, he is risen! Easter

“I know you are looking for Jesus…He is not here.”

I’ve been swimming through life’s storm-tossed sea with a hurting friend lately, and am struck by these words today:

I know you’re looking for Jesus, but he’s not here.

My friend is looking for her savior, too; the savior she loves.

She’s searching desperately for the man who promises to rescue and save and restore.

She’s clinging to the hope that resurrection power will shine brightly once again.

But today it seems so elusive.

Don’t we so often search in dark caves and behind mammoth rocks for the things we assume ought to be there? We claw through dirt, toss our questions, and strive in our fleshly humanity for the Jesus we think we’re going to find — the Jesus we think we’re supposed to find, only to come up empty.

Perhaps that’s because we fail to listen for the words of the angel.

We fail to read to the end of the story, and instead spend our lives searching, returning to old haunts and replaying events that shroud us and leave us cloaked in death.

This Easter, I’m reminded that maybe Jesus is right around the corner, hiding in plain sight.

Just as he appeared to Mary and remained unidentified until he spoke her name; just as he walked the road to Damascus with those he loved while their hearts “burned” within them.

This Easter, Jesus shines in the places where we least suspect.

Jesus walks along the dusty roads and appears to frightened women and those nearly drowning in storm-tossed seas.

He has far flung the grave clothes and announces freedom for those who believe. Freedom from our past. Freedom from our shadows and the nagging voices that bark from the storms of Friday.

Today we have the hope of Sunday.

Because today, he is RISEN.

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