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My brain works in strange ways.

I am increasingly distracted by my surroundings and by the everyday jobs that pull me in 17 different directions before I finish even one of them.  It’s frustrating, but I know that many moms struggle with this.  After years of the media championing the skill of multi-tasking, I think we’re all finding out [after a surge of moms-gone-crazy signing up for spa weekends and copious amounts of Prozac], that all multi-tasking does is fray your hard-wiring and lead to nervous breakdowns.

Or heavy drinking.  Or at least, contemplating taking up heavy drinking.

OK, maybe not for you [wink wink], but I’m guessing you’ll agree that it surely diminishes the quality of work you’re able to accomplish on any one task when three kids are pulling on your arms, shouting over-top of each other, and threatening to die from hunger if they don’t have a peanut butter sandwich in their face in approximately 21.8 seconds.

One thing that I think my brain does do well, however, is making connections.  Unfortunately these aren’t always the kinds of connections that are helpful, like recalling which animals were most recently added to the Endangered List, or which glaciers are most rapidly shrinking from global warming,…but other “interesting” connections that, frankly, are utterly useless and quite possibly, annoying.

My secret little skill habit obsession, is that I connect faces.  A lot.

On a girls-only shopping trip to Chicago this fall, one of my friends decided that I needed a diagnosis after 15 postulations like, “Oh my word.  Ya’ know who he looks like?!”  [Of course I’m thrilled to have made such an important “discovery.”]  Or saying, “She totally reminds me of an African-American version of so-and-so, except with curly hair.”


So, back to my “diagnosis”.  With the help of other really smart 30-somethings, we decided I have  I.C.DInter-Connectivity Disorder, because in my brain, faces [in particular] get automatically connected.   Now, this is an invented diagnosis, but I think it sounds real-enough to be true–don’t you?

To showcase my ICD, I have selected two reality-show TV contestants who I think have similar-looking counterparts in Hollywood.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Am I crazy?  Or, rather, what level of crazy am I?  You decide!

Case Study #1: Project Runway star [voted off last week]: Ari Fish looks like Samantha Ronson







Case Study #2: Design Star [HGTV] Contestant: Jason Champion looks like Will Ferrell but with staighter hair.  This one is a bit more of a stretch, but if you watch the show and see Jason in action, I’m confident you’d agree with me 🙂