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girl holding her hands out in praise worship

I held her hand as our sunburned feet shuffled across the sandy floor of the ocean. Waves slapped our shins and then our knees as we waited for calm and scanned the frothy water.

It was after supper and we were still dressed in our going-out-to-eat clothes. An orange April sun slid down the sky like butter on a hot griddle, landing in a pool at the horizon. Evening was the perfect time to hunt for sand dollars.

But exploring the ocean bottom also comes with uncertainties, and she was mindful of them all. Grabbing for my hand, she insisted I remain close by.

“Mama, do you think there are any stingrays here?” she asked. “Do you think that sharks come into this shallow of water?”

I reassured her and asked the question I’ve come to ask often in my mothering:

  • Do you trust me?
  • Do you believe that I’ll take care of you because I love you?
  • Do you have faith in me?

Her eyes swallowed up my courage and we shuffled ahead. That night my little farmer harvested a handful of sand dollars.

She also remembered how to trust.

Galatians 2:20: “I live by faith”

As I was reading Galatians and preparing for this post, Hebrews begin whispering in my year:

  • By faith, Abel…
  • By faith, Enoch …
  • By faith, Noah…
  • By faith, Abraham…
  • By faith, Isaac …
  •  …Jacob, Joseph, Moses… and on it goes.

And today I add my own name to that list.

  • By faith, Jane…

It’s exciting, and slightly terrifying, to consider what my verse might read, because I understand what it means:

It means that I walk blindly sometimes. Most of the time.

It means I have to trust every day. Have faith every hour.

It means that I choose to die to myself so that Christ may more fully live within me.

It means that I put one step in front of the other with arms outstretched and flailing and groping. It means I walk in what seems to be darkness, because the life I live in the body I live by faith, and I want to emerge in the light.

What is stunning is that Paul is not adding a footnote or an asterisk to this statement. He is not leaving room in the margins for comments or opening things up for discussion.

And why?

{I love this part.}

Because Jesus Christ loved him and gave himself up for him.

It’s so radical and so entirely beautiful. It’s a picture of fidelity and of being wholly committed to something other than yourself.

And it’s what I want my life to be about: living by faith because of the great love of Jesus who offered everything — and who still offers everything — even if I respond with nothing.

Like cool water splashing at my face and hands, love like His takes my breath away.

So I keep shuffling, hand in hand, with Him.


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