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I heard someone say recently that scientists are beginning to discredit the concept of multi-tasking.  Some say that there is no such thing. That, in fact, our human brains are capable of rapidly switching gears and refocusing attention, but that they are actually only doing one thing at a time.

I think these scientists are on to something.

Trouble is, my brain seems to have tripped on the “rapidly switching gears” command, because I have been camped out in project land for the last week, and it’s time to get back to life. Time to put in a load of laundry between brainstorming sessions and mop the floor that’s been begging for attention.

But it’s so hard!  I love being plopped in the middle of my ideas and schemes. Project land is very comfy…especially when wearing a cozy new robe in a quiet house. Instead, I am sucked into this beautiful, devilish machine with the hopes that clicking the right buttons will some how Willy-Wonka me into success and a paid-for vacation. You can almost see my eyes glazing over, can’t you?

Shopping for business cards turns into a two-hour design fest in which I play with fonts and re-write my tag line. I upload a buffet of photos and logos just to make sure I pick the right one. I revisit the preview button and watch my card slide back and forth, all pretty in its unpaid, digital form.

But I admit: It’s getting to be a problem.  I am too focused on this one thing. 

Generally speaking, focus is a prized attribute. Athletes are applauded for theirs. CEO’s must possess it to ensure their bottom line. Jesus exemplified Kingdom focus during his time on earth.

But I’m finding that my project focus is keeping me up at night thinking and planning. I wonder if I’m becoming obsessive. I mentally threaten myself to shut down the computer and turn off the iPhone–or else no Coke at lunch.  It’s a scary thought.

So today, I need to blur the focus; re-direct my mental energies. I need to get the floor mopped. Make the bed. Plan for dinner. Check a few things off the to-do list instead of lingering on the to-dream about list.

Time to get on with life!

How about you? Do you ever struggle to pull yourself away from a project in order to “take care of life?”