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The first contraction was a slow but screaming twist in my belly. Getting up from bed, I headed for the bathroom, heaving slightly, not quite sure what to expect.

He was my first baby.

Each wrenching wave that shocked my body declared the time was getting closer. This was not Red Lobster-gone-wrong, nor was due to the fact that I had sat cross-legged on the floor for entirely too long that night.

No, this was something different. Something life-changing.

My son, born on Mother’s Day, now knocks on the door of eleven years and leaves me staring at him, drifting through the years, wondering how in the world he can already be nearly as tall me.

He leaves me wondering how in the world he can be such a wonderful young man. Already.

picture of a dad and son by the fire

Father and son enjoying the fire.

Growing a Terrific Husband for Your Future Daughter-In-Law

I was reminded recently that we’re all growing little leaders right now. Amidst the mac-n-cheese and the mess of every day, each rung on the ladder builds on the one before, and we are left with a stairway to endless possibilities, beginning with the dimpled hands at our lunch tables.

So how can we steward those hearts, especially the boy-hearts that have so tugged on our own?

How can we raise boys to be godly men?

How can we instill the qualities that, Lord willing, will bless a rosy-cheeked and starry-eyed young woman in the future?

6 Qualities to Teach Our Boys

  • Instill a love of Christ: Teach your son that the Bible is not merely a collection of random stories destined for the flannel board, but a love story that God is still telling us. Make it applicable.
  • Show affection: I can’t think of a woman who wouldn’t love a man who rubs her shoulders with joy! By showing affection to your son you model healthy love, and he’ll be more apt to follow suit.
  • Don’t — DO NOT — tolerate disrespect: Have I made this clear? Hammering this point home from youth will ensure that he treats women with the respect they deserve and the respect God would have them receive. (Make sure your husband enforces this, too!)
  • Teach him to be helpful:  I believe that God is clear that marriage is all about mutual submission. Show him how to do the laundry and help match socks. Call it “servant leadership” if you prefer, but either way, teaching your son to serve with a happy heart will reap untold blessings in marriage!
  • Spend time talking to him; help him formulate good questions so that he’ll learn the art of meaningful conversation: the side benefit for you, mom, will be hours of wonderful conversations with your son!
  • TELL him what a blessing he’ll be to his wife someday. Include an examples to encourage him! Even if God calls him to a single life, he’ll know how much you value him and that you are paying attention to his character!

 So what would you add to this list? Leave it in the comments!