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There are times, I tell myself, when we all feel a bit drained.



It might start after a letdown at the office or in dealing with a child who makes hurtful choices.

It might be due to a lack of quiet in your home or seeing dreams deflate at your feet.


It happens at different times and in different places, but it happens.

Water Check

This plant was given to us after my grandma died, at the intersection of autumn and winter. I love it because it is a living reminder of her; it flowers and stretches upward and unfolds into an umbrella of green.

But today I found it cowering at the window, leaves drooping. It looked tired.

I hate to admit it friends, but I’ve seen it before and I know it’s my own fault.

The wilting invades when I forget to water it.

I find this same thing to happen in my own life: I let life turn up the heat and then stick my face directly in the sun, standing still at the windows. I bloom for a season, but soon enough–when without water–I curl up into a huddled mass of mommy-needs-a-break. I make a B-line for the nearest couch cushion and blanket.

Of course the water I need is the Living kind. I need to be drinking in the Word.

I’ll never understand why it’s so hard for me to be diligent in this area; why it’s so hard to wake up early enough to take a long cool drink before the parching sets in.

What should be my first hope is too-often my last resort. But I’ve learned to see the patterns and anticipate the turns in my heart.

And so, today, if you’re wilting:

  • Turn off the noise.  The radio barks, the TV screams for your attention, and even while on “vibrate” your phone emits noise. Turn it all off. Completely. Let your mind be refreshed by the sound of nothing.
  • Be okay with resting. Sit down for a spell. Resist the urge to also fold laundry while you sit down. Resist the urge to check your Twitter feed while you rest. Close your eyes for fifteen minutes if you feel it would refresh you. Let your heart bring you to prayer or your body bring you to sleep. Set the timer so that you’re not lost into tomorrow. But be okay with it.
  • Grab your Bible. Open to a book like Philippians and soak in the promises of God. Receive grace. Receive peace. Absorb Paul’s contentment. 
  • Pray.  For strength. For the dust to settle. For wisdom in the desert; joy in a dry land.
  • Praise! Praise God for the ways he has blessed you. For the times he has lifted you up. For the moments he’s met you in your huddled mass of mommy-needs-a-break. GRATITUDE is a powerful weapon against wilting.
An hour after soaking my plant, it’s already coming back to life. Its head has returned its gaze to the sunshine and it is strong once again.
Water makes a growing thing beautiful.
Do you ever feel like you’re losing ground? Wilting? How do you gather up your strength?