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marriage, husband wife, husband and wife, ideas for dad, dad ideasIf you’ve been married for more than a couple of weeks, I think you’ll agree that the husband-wife relationship can be compared to caring for a house plant.

I know — some of you are worried since you killed your poinsettia at Christmas, but hang with me.

House plants need to be watered regularly and pruned every once in a while. They need sunshine and dusting. Sometimes they even need the added “encouragement” that can only come from Miracle Gro.

Couldn’t the same be said of our marriages?

We all need regular watering: affection, conversation, and interest. Putting your marriage in the corner and forgetting about it will get you a wilting relationship while opening the door to bigger problems.

We also need to be pruned by those who love us most: held accountable and gently called out when we act like idiots.

We need joy! And we need “dusting.” ┬áLadies — brush your hair and get out of your yoga pants for crying out loud. Make an effort to be the babe he married.

And of course, we all need encouragement.

So tonight, throw your husband a party when he gets home. Because celebrating him “for no reason” is the best reason of all.

Pick up the house.

Make the meal you know he loves: get out the grill and splurge on a couple of Porterhouses.

Put on some lipstick.

Enlist your kids to make signs and banners that thank him for his hard work each day.

Hit the dollar store for some balloons.

Tell him you love him.

Make him feel noticed and appreciated again, like he’s the man who took your breath away the first time you saw him.

Kiss him like you mean it.

Your efforts to honor your husband say that he is still worth celebrating.

Show him that he is still the one who makes you feel whole.

And that you’d still do it all over again …

with him.

What would it mean for your marriage to do a little more celebrating?