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 John 15:4, Monday Morning Meditation, Jane Graham, Girl Meets Paper

The violin squeaked and groaned through her practice. She, with furrowed brow and steady hands, worked diligently to locate notes yet unfamiliar.

I sat nearby, listening with my own brow furrowed, weighing my options. Do I stop to make corrections? Do I let her finish and address problems after she’s had time to complete a run-through?

I decide on the former and call her name, ask her to stop playing.

Only she doesn’t.

Clearing my throat, I try again. “Hold on, Sweetie,” I call out. “We need to work on that ending.”

She continues playing, because clearly, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

In that moment, I feel the need to grab her by the cheeks, turn her face toward mine, and lock eyes. I fight the urge to shout and give way to my anger.

How dare she ignore me?

We All Need Our Cheeks Grabbed From Time to Time

If I’m honest, though, I realize that I ignore the words of God so often. I keep fiddling through my day doing what sounds best in my own ears; doing what “seems right” to me. I continue on despite the Spirit calling out my name.

I hear his voice but refuse to listen.

Today’s verse reminds me that my failure to remain in him, grafted into the vine and intimately intertwined with Christ leads to fruitlessness, yet, oh! how often do I insist on going it alone!

“…no branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.”

This week, in particular, I have been reminded time and again that our desire to control, our desire to puppeteer and achieve, our desire to (even though we’d never admit it) earn favor with God … is futile!

I am a child waiting for my cheeks to be grabbed, waiting to be gently spun around and set on the straight path.

Lord, this week, bombard me with your love, and may I know through and through that I will wither apart from you — the one true Vine.

Girl Meets Paper, Jane Graham, Giveaway

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