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Lenten Series:

James 1:5, Monday Morning Meditation, Girl Meets Paper, Prayer, Praying for Wisdom, Jane Graham

With ink pen stilled and heart thumping loudly in my ears, I sat listening to the lecture with fresh conviction.

“Do you hear what God is saying?” my Bible teacher said with joy on her face. “If anyone lacks wisdom, all we have to do is ask. 

So next time you’re struggling and don’t know where to turn, ‘James 1 – 5’ it! If you’re confused and need wisdom for your next steps, ‘James 1-5 it!’ — and believe it will be given to you.

I clicked my pen and stared at the notebook on my lap, sure my blushing cheeks would reveal that too often I didn’t ask God for wisdom; sure that I would be found out for too-often depending on my own strength.

Do I go to the phone…or to the Throne?

It’s a weakness of mine. Prayer, that is. It’s something that I’m working on day by day, but boy do I stumble a lot.

I stumble when I need wisdom, mostly because it’s just so easy to toss a question out on social media or call a friend when really what I should be doing is taking my concerns to God. After all, as my teacher reminded,“If we are to ask God for wisdom and guidance, we need to be spending much of our time before the Throne–not on the phone.”

Even though…

  • …it is so tempting to skip the prayers and head right to that familiar voice on the other end of the line
  • …we get an immediate response when we dial a number

God says, “Come to me and I’ll give you the wisdom you seek.” 

What James 1:5 Can Teach Us This Lent

As I shared with you last week, this Lenten Season I’m focusing on gaining rather than giving up. I’m seeking to know Christ more intimately and love him more deeply.

I’m finding that to do that, I need God’s wisdom.

I need the clarity and understanding that can only come from him.

And so this Lent, I’m asking more. And waiting a little longer.

Believing that it will be given to me, just as He promised.


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