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Lenten Series:

Mark 15, Crucify, Lent, lenten season, girl meets paper, Jane Graham

Tonight I am the one struck.

Again and again, I consider the awful price paid by Christ to redeem me, to present me faultless, to set me free.

And again and again I retreat in tear-filled wonder at how it could possibly be that Jesus, fully God and fully man, would willingly walk into Jerusalem that Sunday long ago, stumbling through littered streets on a borrowed donkey, moving to his death beneath fanning palms and a hot desert sun.

I wonder how he could possibly stand silent before his accusers, allowing Pilate to wash his hands and send him into throngs of hate-spewing men for whom he would give his very life.

I wonder how I can ever live with enough gratitude and generosity to capture my thankfulness.

This Lent, this eve of Holy Week, has picked the scab on my heart as I’ve come face-to-face with my humanity. I’ve wrestled with questions and prayers that seem to hit the ceiling and fall silent.

Yet, in his great mercy, Jesus has drawn near in precious ways this week. I can’t help but wonder if angels fill the kitchen when my eyes are blinded by messy countertops and dishes that spill from the sink. While silence folds in and the world is swallowed up in his presence, I know that Lent does draw me closer to the cross.

Lent Brings Me Closer to Jesus

Perhaps the angels in my kitchen showed up because my husband was out of the country for ten days.

Perhaps not.

Either way, I’ve kept this song by Meredith Andrews on repeat, praying each line. My spirit swells with words I could have never penned myself, but now cling to as my banner of love.

And when I ponder Mark 15 and consider the immense love of Jesus, the gift that unravels our selfishness and contempt, I can only life my voice and sing these words again:

“You saved my soul…

by your blood.

And I’m undone

by your great love.

You made a way…

so I could come

just as I am

to you my God.”


Because I know that again and again, he did it for me.


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