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I was sitting on the floor of an overcrowded room at Allume when the thought first squeezed in the back door of my heart.

It happened after the speaker challenged us to think more carefully about why we’re blogging. He asked us things like, “What’s your mission statement?” and “What do you want to be known for?” Carefully considering whether or not I could even formulate an answer, I sat, legs crossed, tapping the end of my ink pen on pursed lips.

Then, like someone slowly slid the dimmer switch up from a low gleam to a brilliant burst of light, I realized that I want to be about helping people see Scripture as living and breathing. I want men and women to grasp all sorts of real-life applications that can help them live the kind of life Jesus wants for us all: one full of grace and truth. Love and mercy.

And that’s why next week Monday I’ll be introducing “Monday Morning Meditations.”

Monday-Morning-Meditation, Girl Meets Paper, Jane Graham“Monday Morning Meditations” will function as a “Linky Party,” in which I will invite anyone who responds to my post to “link up” here so that you can share your own writing with a larger audience.

I will provide a Scripture passage for you to respond to (on your own blog) in ONE of the following ways:

  • reflect on the passage and share a story or example from your life that exemplifies the truth of that passage
  • write a devotional of sorts, providing a more theological perspective on the selection
  • post a photo that you think captures the heart of the message

For those of you new to the concept of a “Linky Party,” here is a summary:

  1. Use the prompt that I will provide each Monday to write a post on your own blog.
  2. Include the button that I’ll provide next week (you can find it now in the margin) so that your readers will know you’re participating in a linky party.
  3. Return here, to Girl Meets Paper, and follow the “link up” button and instructions that will be provided. This button will walk you through the steps it will take for a link to your blog post to be shared on my site. Included in these steps will be the opportunity to add a photo or icon that represents you.
  4. After you’re linked up, you must visit the link that appears in front of your own on the list. Doing this helps to create a community of bloggers who encourage each other, and it also helps send new readers to your site.

What if I Don’t Have a Blog To Link Up?

No problem! You can leave your story or devotional thought in the comments section of my blog. Doing so allows you to join us even if you don’t have your own blog.

The Goal of Monday Morning Meditations

I’m beginning this new chapter to help people think about the Bible in new ways; to consider how it does infiltrate every inch and corner of our lives. And to ponder how we can all be doers of the Word — not merely hearers of it. (James 1:22)

Will you please plan to join me next week Monday, December 3?