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Yes, I see the irony: after last posting about having too much stuff, I’m promptly addressing the issue of making purchases. Calm down and allow me to explain:

Norman Bates, Psycho, Alfred HitchcockOur dishwasher is working about as hard as a one-armed five-year-old on those tough yolk splatters, our front door resembles something Norman Bates would knock on at midnight, and I’m pretty sure our refrigerator’s ice machine has concluded that dripping water into a gigantic frozen puddle is somehow more worthwhile than actually doing its job.

{sigh}. Life’s tough, right?

Well, at a time when I’d like to spruce up more than one or two things at home with a fun purchase like this, instead, it seems our destiny to make supremely BORING, adult purchases such as:

Jane’s Top 5 Most Un-Fun Purchases:

1. Buying new license plate tags. {SNORE} Ok, it’s great that in Michigan I can add my State Parks Pass to this purchase for a one-and-done transaction, but please: $140?! I’m gagging.

2. Replacing parts on our Norman Bates front door. Excuse me while I have a cow. What a dumb thing to have to spend our [Crate & Barrel] money on after only a decade of use.

3.  Upgrading a mattress. While it did make my heart spring for joy for 10 minutes to do this for one of our kids, I almost puked in my own mouth when I heart the total price. In fact, after her fatal words were spoken, I put back the mattress pad cover and told the saleslady I already had one at home. Which was…kind of …true. Hey. It would have been another UNFUN $65!

4. Installing a new garbage disposal. Aside from those few seconds when lime peel and cilantro stems collide, there is nothing enjoyable about shelling out $145 for a black cylinder bolted to the underside of one’s sink. Useful, yes. Fun, decidedly, NO.

5. Paying for lawn fertilizer. This is practically my husband’s love language, but to me it’s $58 that could be better spent on something fun like a concert ticket or ingredients to an irresistible recipe, rather than on ensuring the blades of our grass stay a perfect shade of green and devoid of weeds.

I’d love your thoughts!  What would you add to my list? What are a few of your most gut-wrenchingly un-fun purchases to make?

NOTE: It has to be a tangible THING—otherwise we’d all say car insurance and getting our carpets cleaned!