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I’ve told you before that I love paper in all forms. In fact, next month I’m looking forward to a blog makeover, and my name will change to Girl Meets Paper to reflect my love of writing–and because I use so many printed charts, calendars, flash cards and report cards while I “unofficially homeschool” my kids [more on this later].

Paper is my friend in any form:┬ácard, canvas, notes, or napkins–anything that will sacrifice itself to be a carrier of sentiment and feeling. I would also argue that because few people take the time to handwrite letters anymore, when someone does take a few moments to express love, gratitude, and affection, it is special.

Which brings me today: 5 Easy Ways to Use Notes With Your Kids.

1. The United States Postal Service: Last fall my husband and I went on vacation without the kids, and I knew that by day 3 our children would be missing us. So before we left I bought some Hallmark Kids’s cards and wrote a little note in each one, and then asked my neighbor to mail them for me so they would arrive at Grandma’s house during our absence. Even if you’re not separated from your family, imagine their joy to go to the mailbox and see something from YOU…instead of another American Girl catalog.

2. Lunch Notes: Of course any scrap of paper will work here, but I recommend THESE for a cute burst of love in your little one’s lunch pail. They’re adorable, they’re easy, they’re small, and even if your third grader acts too old to receive them, he secretly loves knowing his mama is thinking about him. I guarantee it.

Thanks to "Photography By Kamarah"!

3. Notepads: I think my obsession with paper is a genetic trait that’s been passed down to my daughter. So imagine my delight when I found this cool stack of color at Staples for just $2! I bought them and used it as an opportunity to leave her a note after school. Maybe you could do the same?

4. Stickies on the Mirror: Why not let your kids discover something special from you while they brush their teeth in the morning? Some ideas:

  • an encouraging Bible verse for the day
  • “I was so proud of you when…”
  • “Have I ever told you that…”
  • “You make me laugh when you…”

5. Mail Monday! Last year as part of our family Valentine’s day fiesta I gave each of the kids a mini mailbox with their name on it–the kind from the ‘dollar spot at Target. They are red and cute and have an actual working flag to indicate new mail. Our tradition here is “Mail Monday.” Though I’ve fallen off the wagon recently, generally speaking our kids receive a card or note from me every Monday morning. It’s nothing extravagant or fancy, but in it I express something I appreciate, love, cherish, treasure about them; a simple way to start the week together!

So how do you communicate with your little ones? Do you have a great idea to share?

…and if this post was helpful to you, would you please pass it along to another mom who might enjoy it?