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My school year has been transformative for several reasons, but the most notable has been joining BSF, Bible Study Fellowship. This international Bible study brings over 200,000 students together over 38 countries each week; it’s truly mind-boggling to think that women in Africa and men in South America are opening to the same passages of Scripture and learning the same truths as we are in West Michigan.

Today our lecture leader wove several questions throughout her talk that seemed perfectly timed with the beginning of this rich and historical Lenten season. As you prepare your heart for a measured time of self-sacrifice, devotion, and prayer, perhaps these thoughts could spur you on–spur me on–to greater love and purpose.

  • “Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing.” Is it costing me anything to be a Christian today?
  • “Jesus’ heart was to bless all, but to please just one.” This demonstrated his love and obedience. Am I being obedient to God? He never says it will be easy.
  • Women, on average, speak 20,000 words a day! We weren’t saved to sit, so what am I doing with my 20,000 words a day?
  • The Pharisees had religion, but no relationships. They knew duty, but lacked devotion. They had lists, but no love. Does this describe me in any way?
  • Even those who believe have honest fears and doubts. But do I focus on the problems…or Promises?

What are you doing as you walk the calendar road to Resurrection Sunday? Have you been convicted? Encouraged?