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Lenten Series:


Phil 3:8, Monday Morning Meditation, Girl Meets Paper, Jane Graham

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week to hear some of the brightest Bible teachers of our day teach about Knowing Christ.

Philippians 3:8 was their theme verse of the week.

When I look at this verse through fresh eyes this Lenten Season, I suck my breath in, raise both eyebrows, blow stray bangs from my eyes and ask myself:

Do I really believe this?

And perhaps equally as important, do I live as though I believe it?

Is Everything Else Really Loss for Me?

One of my favorite blogs (on the topic of writing as a craft) is Jeff Goins: Writer. He recently published a great post about why he’s given up coffee this season.

Making sacrifices, giving things up, or “losing things”,  is a part of the Lenten tradition. The purpose behind our sacrifice, however large or small, should be to bring us closer to Christ.

To help us know him better.

To help us relate in some shadow of a way; in some foggy, breath-on-the-bathroom-mirror sort of way — to the sufferings of Christ.

Over the years I’ve chosen to give things up, too:

  • checking email only once a day;
  • not eating anything after dinner
  • chocolate
  • staying up late

I’d be lying if I said that each of those years I wasn’t counting the days until Easter — the day all bets are off. Why?

Because too often I cling to the things of this world with a grip that leaves me white knuckled and full of excuses.

Too often, the thrill of knowing Christ is lost in the thrill of personal achievement; it is forgotten in the rush of days we spend loving our kids; and it is diminished in quiet moments spent looking around the next corner.

Does knowing Christ hold surpassing worth for me? And if I blurt out a quick “yes,” would my calendar and bank statement agree?

This Lent I’m not focusing on giving something up. Instead, I’m focusing on gaining something:

A deeper knowledge of Christ; a friendship that surpasses Bible verses memorized and flannel graphs slapped on a Sunday School story board.

This Lent I’m giving my heart to an intimate knowing. 

Join me?

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