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Yoga.  The word, even to non-practicers, seems to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.  It conjures up images of super-fit Californians poured into black yoga pants, lean muscles taught and glistening on some Pacific cliff overlooking the gorgeous, sparkling ocean.  The instructor’s voice floats over the sound of waves, cooing in a soft, 1-900 style tone:

“Let your body just siiiinnnkkkk into the mat.  Block out all distractions and focus on your breathing.  Yeeesssss.  That’s goooood….”

Despite my former dedication to such teachers, lately I’ve been sitting and watching their DVDs from the comfort of our couch, eating a handful of Oreos Veggie Straws and trying desperately to suck in my gut before someone asks me when when the baby’s due.

I’m sure you can’t relate.

Well this morning, after being encouraged and motivated by Poppy, the wonderful author of “Yoga is Yummy”, I decided to get with the program.  Still in PJ’s and lacking the proper elasticized breast-hoisting mechanism, I popped in [my secret boyfriend] Bob Harper’s Weight Loss Yoga DVD, straightened my spine and tried to get “in the zone.”

With kids fighting in the background.

With my son running back and forth across the fireplace hearth positively BAWLING because he didn’t have anyone to play Duck Duck Goose with.

With my son then crawling under my belly as I trembled and moaned in plank position.

And as he continued to weave in and out of my legs while I contorted into twisting triangle.

Ahhhhh.  The picture of harmony and calm!

Finally, by some stroke genius and good fortune, I convinced both kids that Duck Duck Goose is a washed up, repetitious game for toddlers, and that they too should enter this world of serenity with me.

And can you believe — IT WORKED!

Despite my floor space being stolen and my energy now focused on capturing the fun on my camera, we actually had a great time together.

Who knew that yoga with kids could be so….relaxing?  😉