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Monday Morning Meditation, Girl Meets Paper, Psalm 139:9-10, linky party

This past week my little van split through the freezing Michigan temperatures and landed me safely at Founder’s Week on the campus of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. During the first teaching, the presenter paused to recognize a Moody Alumni who gave her life to a native people group in Panama. For decades she worked side-by-side with her husband to learn their obscure language, develop a written alphabet, and finally, translate the New Testament into the heart language of a relatively unknown tribe.

The translation alone took 18 years.

I couldn’t help but wonder:

Would I, in all honesty, trust God enough to do something similar? To plant me squarely in a jungle, believing all the while that his hand was guiding and grasping my own?

It’s easy to say, “Yes — of course I would.” After all, I spent a summer working and ministering in Northern Perú while in college. I know what it’s like to float in a sea brown eyes and be wrapped in pale skin that invited endless stares. I understand the complications that come when communication is difficult. And I can relate, albeit in such miniscule ways, to the loneliness that comes from being an alien in a foreign land.

However, serving anywhere for a summer is hardly a sacrifice when it can so easily be counted as a college adventure. Serving abroad for decades … is quite another story. 

What holds me on this side of the dawn?

Should I blame my penchant for comfort?  My love of cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? Hot showers? A controlled insect population? Paved roads?

Or, at the heart of it, am I scared that perhaps God’s hand won’t grasp tightly enough? Am I fearful of stepping outside of my carefully constructed suburban world…and wander to the far side of the sea?

Lord, may that not be so. May my trust only deepen — may my love for you grow ever stronger. Tune my ears to your whispers and my heart to the beat of the Father. And my I believe, truly and forever, in your loving guidance. May I feel your hand in mine always.


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