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Lenten Series

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Music floated between columns and through booths at the dimly-lit restaurant while we agonized over our selections.

Would we toss our workouts to the side by ordering french fries? Dare we feast on a whopping collection of calories piled between two slabs of grilled sourdough?


And why not add some dipping sauce while we’re at it?

The mere mention of a gourmet hamburger with cheese…and avocado…and bacon… was enough to have us salivating over our menus. Just the thought of what we were preparing to enjoy was something akin to the bridal experience, and I was ready for the wedding night.

How a Cheeseburger and Fries Reminded Me to Draw Near to Jesus

The moment our server rounded the corner, forks flew to fingertips and napkins were situated hastily on laps.

My friend, enjoying her first burger in months, gleamed that lovely protein-glow as she sliced the behemouth mound in two.

“Oh my word,” she said, aflutter. ” I don’t even know where to start! The fries?? The burger?? I haven’t even had one bite yet and it’s like I can’t even wait!

My thoughts exactly.

That’s when it hit me: that’s what it must be like to pant for God. That’s how we should feel every time we come to the banquet table to feast on the Lord.

As women drool over a meal with fried food and avocado on one plate…

As the deer pants… 

Devouring my meal that night drew a stark contrast in my mind. I knew I could not truthfully say that I feasted on the Word with as much anticipation or enjoyment as I did on that hamburger. I knew that the delight I experienced from pages of Scripture did not compare to the delight I felt hovering over my plate.

God wants my affection and delight. He patiently waits for it, yet I how often am I quick to trade it for a hot meal?(Hmmm…Esau, anyone?)

How a Cheeseburger and Fries Impacted My Lenten Season

The blissful hamburger night occurred just before Lent got underway and I’ve thought about it countless times. It reminds me  to “pant for God”:

To place him before the idols I’ve erected.

To love him above the temporal.

To crave him above my fleshly desires.

As I seek to “gain” more of Christ, I’m convinced it all has to start here:

With memories of a cheeseburger and fries.


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