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Next month my husband and I are leaving the mess in the kitchen, turning on our heels, locking the doors, and escaping into the wild blue yonder together.  Along with some of our best friends and our new friend, the ultra-cheap Carnival Cruise Lines [in this instance, cheap is a compliment], we are heading west from Florida and into the sandy, sunset-washed waiting arms of Cozumel, Mexico.

Preparing for our day on shore means that we have been trading ideas and websites with our travel partners, searching for activities worthy of our time and money, and weeding out those that are either dangerous or stupid…or both.

Case in point: today’s search.  I stumbled upon an activity that was airbrushed and plucked to perfection, promising the beauty of nature and all things eco-friendly.  Apparently this includes “visiting” crocodiles and other eye-brow raising activities.  While this alone did not slam the door for me, the fine print below did.

Note the last item in the right hand column–that’s what’s included with our $119 rate.

USD $119 Adult
USD $109 Kids

* Rates & schedules may vary depending on the date selected.

  • Land Transportation and Ferry from Cancun or Riviera Maya
  • Punta Sur Park entrance fee
  • Certificated bilingual guides
  • Snorkel gear and Dive Master guide for the snorkel tour
  • Buffet
  • Bottled water, soft drinks, beer after the snorkel tour
  • Life insurance


Boy, I’ve never felt so secure!  Yes, there may be crocodiles and other mammoth flesh-eating beasts on both land and in the sea, but have no fear! We have Mexican Life Insurance!

Friends, help me.

If you’ve been south of this particular border, please leave your ideas for fun, affordable activities!