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young girl wearing glasses, She had been complaining about her vision off-and-on for weeks and was thrilled to hear that mom had finally made an appointment at the eye doctor.

As a recipient of glasses myself when just freshly out of the womb, I secretly hoped that my daughter would not be prescription-clad while still enjoying the fancy-free single-digit years of life.

However, with a super cute best friend enjoying crisper vision thanks to super cute glasses, something told me that there were more than a few layers to this trip to the optometrist.

There may have been “glasses envy.”


Have you ever wrestled with your own version of this?

Maybe you wanted braces as a kid, or couldn’t wait to get strapped into your very first bra as a growing young woman. No one told you about getting pizza stuck in your brackets at lunchtime or about the pinching of elastic around your midsection.

Or perhaps in sixth grade you decided that life wouldn’t be complete until you shaved your legs … only to realize that mom was right: you’ll be doing it forever and it will add hours to your personal grooming time.

Or right now, as a mom, you yearn for the career, the clothes, the freshly-vacuumed and artificially-scented vehicle, free from crushed Goldfish mashed into the seats.

Don’t we all yearn?

Do you ever wonder how often we long for things that really aren’t that awesome? Or things that we really don’t need?

3 Things We Can Do When We Want What We Don’t Have

Sometimes I’m convinced that God must shake his head at us like the Father he is, saying:

“Why do you keep striving? I know you think you’d love that ________ , but it’s not a good fit for you right now. Will you trust me to provide when it’s time?”

So if you find yourself there today:

  1. Read Isaiah 30:1-2. I stumbled on this today and thought it was so applicable to my situation. Am I trying to “carry out plans that are not [God’s]? Am I going down to “Egypt” looking for protection or provision outside of Christ? Pray through these verses, asking God to show you where you’ve neglected his leading.
  2. Write out your petitions, goals, or dreams, and record how God has opened doors and/or provided for you already during your season of waiting. Find ways to praise him and foster gratitude.
  3. Surrender those petitions, goals, or dreams to God. Pray for peace as you give up control. Believe that He will give you what you need, when you need it. But realize that he may never give you what you want.  (a case study of Leah will show this).

Can you be okay with that? Can I?

Are you struggling in a season of envy or waiting? What has helped you through it?

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