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The past few weeks have proven to be full of wrinkles and unforeseen changes. My emotions seem to move across the spectrum from frustration to sadness, from worry to the gray, undefinable weight of pondering late into the night.

Have you been there?

In the midst of all I feel God saying to me holiness…not happiness.

What matters more than my momentary smile, eruption of laughter, or evening levity is my pursuit of holiness.

That doesn’t mean perfection. It doesn’t mean that I’ll get it all neat and tidy and flawless. It certainly doesn’t mean that I’m better than you.

What it does mean is that God values our sanctification. He values us drawing near to Him so we can better be like him. Better know Him.

If bumps in the road can bring about godliness and right-living, then so be it.


Yes. If it means holiness, a resounding yes.

What do you think? Does God care about our happiness?