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Thanksgiving, showing gratitude, sharingWhen I first heard that her school was amassing boxes of stuffing and bags of rice to assist families within their very walls, my heart squeezed; that familiar lump pushed high up into my throat.

I know these families. I know this community.

I didn’t know that so many tables were sparse; so many pantries pulled out like empty palms.

The principal explained how she gently probed the veins and arteries of the school to find places where the pulse cried most for food. Those with little, those pulsing quick, would receive from the bounty of those with much.

So after a week of gathering from all corners, our clan filled the hallways with sleeves rolled up, ready to hoist boxes and divvy up the jars and cans, boxes and bags. Everything was laid out like a tidy web of efficiency. We set the plan in motion.

“Please give this to family #1, and this to #2, and both of these go to family #3,” she explained.

My little ones trooped around the corner to locate the families known only to us by digits, plopping down their load of gifts and returning to me with a grin that pushed against squinty, half-moon eyes.

Kids Want to Serve 

Seeing my littles so lovingly care for others flipped on a light for me. I realized that kids want to serve. Kids want to make a difference. And they want to know that WE think that they can make a difference.

Including them in your service work validates that they have something worthwhile to offer.

It reminds them that love doesn’t care about age or height or shoe size.

All love asks for are two hands willing to lift and a heart willing to lay open at the foot of your Thanksgiving table.

How has serving together changed your family? And what small gesture could you incorporate into Thanksgiving this year to touch another home?

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