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Last week I humbly shared my adventures in post-workout puking, and told you how lovingly my husband treated me to a night of BenGay while tears leaked from my wimpy eyes. (Yes, newlyweds…it comes to this.)

Yet despite the sweat and the ugliness, it’s amazing to consider how, when our hearts are open and soft, God can use all of our life circumstances — even the most beige and benign — to teach us about Him.

This past week the whispers came as I looked over my shoulder to find Becky or Sara or Tammy. These are the women I follow as we push collectively through the interval circuit. Somedays they’re my partners; every day they’re my examples to follow.

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With fourteen exercises written out for us to complete in order, it can be easy to get confused about where to go, which weights to use, and how each motion should look. My buddies show me; you’ll find my eyes glued to them to see what my next station will be and how the to begin.

Watching the person in front of me in the gym:

  • Keeps me on track
  • Helps me pace myself appropriately
  • Models the exercise so I can complete it correctly
  • Keeps me from hurting myself and others
  • Allows me to finish well
  • Takes away confusion and gives me confidence

Friend, isn’t it the same in our walk with the Lord?

Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus gives us those same assurances, especially in this world where opinions and doubts and questions gnaw at the fragile tethers of our faith.
Moving through our faith journey with our eyes on Christ:
  • Keeps us on track spiritually (1 Cor 11:1)
  • Helps me work at the tasks he sets before me at a healthy pace (see Eph 2:10)
  • Allows us to more authentically follow Christ as our model for Christian living (Mark 1:17)
  • Keeps me from hurting myself and others (2 Cor 6:2,  Ro 14:13, 1 Cor 8:9 )
  • Gives me the strength to finish well (Heb. 12:1-2a, 2 Tim 4:7)
  • Takes away any confusion about how to live, love, and follow…which in turn gives me confidence. (John 14:21)

Today as you move through life … whether in a sweaty gym or behind a stroller or in a cubical, fix your eyes on Jesus.

Follow him as a row of ducklings toddles after their mama. Follow him with the kind of trust that your baby has for you as she reaches out after naptime. Follow him with the kind of vigor and obedience that athletes display when listening to their coach.

And follow him with the kind of love that sheep have for their tender shepherd.

How has everyday life informed your walk with Jesus?